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App Development

Customized solutions for
business and app startups

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Cross-Browser and Multi-Device Functionality

Ensuring quality user experience for all devices

iPhone Native Apps

Android Native Apps

Cloud-based Applications

Solutions We Offer

Stand Alone

diagram of stand alone app ideas

“Stand on its own” without help from the internet or another computer process.

Social Media Platforms

man in suit torso shot with tablet with social media icons comming out of the screen

Provide customized social media network functionality.

Software as a Service – SaaS

image of a bullhorn with a thought bubble that says SaaS Solution

On demand, licensed on a subscription basis, typically accessed through the web.

Customer Relation Management – CRM

Man drawing on chalk board CRM doodles and written CRM Customer Management

Keep track of communications between potential and existing customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

laptop with erp icons floating out of screen written on bottom Enterprise Resource planning

Integrate various production data and reporting into one complete system.

Electronic Medical Records – EMR

stethoscope and patient file on top of keyboard

Maintain standard medical and clinical data.

text doc icon, magnifying glass and four circles around: analysis, design, implementation, testing

We bring your idea to reality

We approach a hybrid methodology to better serve our customers. We combine values and principles used in both methodologies, Iterative Waterfall and Agile. It is essential for us to:

  • Get precise customer involvement, and
  • Be flexible to changes,
By business values, feature prioritization is of great importance, to maximize funds and decrease risk.

Our Development Process


man at desk brainstorming with lightbulb

Create your software roadmap


woman at desk brainstorming design in thought bubble with gears

Design your vision


man with glasses at computer, circles around saying: php, js, css, xml, java, html5, html, css3, www

Bring your idea to life


laptop with bug on screen, magnifying glass

Refine your product


app cube in cloud, lines leading to 2 laptops and a tablet, each with cube in screen saying app

Receive your product


hand holding laptop wrench in screen and to gears on side

Maintain your product

Create your app

Does your company have an “app for that”?

Increase repeat business

cirlce with people icons along circle to represent loyal customers

Improve customer experience

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