Starting October 2017

Marks websites without SSL (https://) as NOT SECURE!

Google Chrome Security Update

Google has decided to once again raise the standards for acceptable website setup. They have called every website to migrate to HTTPS / SSL to avoid been listed as “NOT SECURE”.

Google will be displaying a Warning Message in its browser Google Chrome, when users visit websites that are not secure and are on a page where they can enter information.


Why is Google increasing security standards?

For the safety of their users’ web experience, to protect their information while in transmission. Google always wants to offer the best user experience and so should you!

Google Chrome version 62 will be released on October 2017, and it will warn in the URL bar websites that are “NOT SECURE”.

Approximately 58% of internet use is done from Google Chrome

Determine if you Need to Add SSL to Your Website:


If you answered “YES” to both questions, you need to implement SSL on your website to avoid a “NOT SECURE” Warning in your visitor’s browser.


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Here are the Technical Details:

What is Secure Socket Layer aka Transport Layer Security (SSL/TSL)?

SSL is a certificate or cryptographic protocol that is installed on the server, to encrypt connection between browser and server to secure the data during the communication. SSL is the product installed on your server.

The encryption ensures that users’ activity can’t be tracked or that information is stolen.

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Is a language or protocol that transfers encrypted data over the web keeping the transmission and communication secure between the browser and the web server, to avoid tampering of the data. HTTPS is the result of having the certificate on your server.

It offers:

Secure Connection

HTTP Connection vs HTTPS Connection:


  • Connects on port 80
  • Sends all data as plain text


  • Connects on port 443
  • Encrypts transmitted data with SSL

Why is SSL / HTTPS important?

SSL / HTTPS protects the information visitors enter into a website while in transmission. Starting the beginning of the year, Google started favoring websites that had enabled HTTPS, rewarding them with additional ranking signal in search results. it will moved to a more punitive action, blacklisting HTTP websites that allow any text input fields to be filled.

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This is not a DIY project, proper steps should be taken to complete the migration, ensuring your traffic doesn’t suffer after the migration. Also, SSL certificate must be from a Certificate Authority.


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